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"It was not just the proverbial 11th hour but about two minutes to midnight when Sam Brown stepped in and rescued my son's divorce and custody case. At trial he fought the other side into the ground in spite of Hell and high water. It was an epic battle. Since Sam Brown remembers everything he ever reads or hears, when he gets to trial all the large and small things are there in his head for him to draw upon and Oh Boy does he. Brilliant man. "Avvo Review

"Sam saved my life. I was in a very bitter divorce with my then wife and although we had never completed the task in our three previous attempts Sam was able to get the job done in two weeks. Yes two weeks from the day I hired him to take over from three other law firms who had explained to me in no uncertain terms that I was definitely screwed being that I had four children, one still in diapers and a fairly decent income and assets. Sam was able to appraise the situation after our first consultation and set out a plan that left me financially intact with an immediate exit strategy. I literally had an agreement signed within two weeks from my spouse and a final divorce decree in two months. Sam was also able to restore my shared custody and get full custody of my son for me which has had major implications (all positive) with respect to my child support and home."Avvo Review

"I just wanted to thank you personally on behalf of my mom and me for all the hard work and support you have provided to our family. It would not have been possible without the passion and care you put in what you do..... Thank you again to you and your team!"Satisfied Client

"I could go on and on about all of the things I’m thankful for – but most importantly, I wanted to say this:  Thank you for being tough on me when I needed it and couldn’t see what was right in front of me and thank you for showing me compassion and kindness at the exact same time – when I needed it the most."Satisfied Client

"I’ve been around many many lawyers in my career.... and I’ve never seen someone as prepared, poised and effective."Satisfied Client

"I know that without his extreme attention to detail, knowledge, preparation and confidence, the outcome would have been much different. Sir I thank you for your time and assistance through this difficult part of my life. "Avvo Review

"Sam is a phenomenal attorney and adviser. He grabbed my case by the horns and took charge of a complex high conflict divorce. His professionalism, patience, personal attention and experience make all the difference. He is a bulldog and will prevail. His reputation is superb and he deserves it. I'm in the middle of an awful divorce with a criminal attorney and the only counsel I have confidence in us Sam. Tippy is on the ball and the office staff knows you by name. If it wasn’t for Sam and Tippy, I don’t know how I would keep going."Avvo Review