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"I’ve been around many many lawyers in my career.... and I’ve never seen someone as prepared, poised and effective."MBW David Chalk

"I am so grateful to feel protected. I am grateful for your expertise. I am grateful for your kindness towards me and my kids. Thank you for all that you have done and will do. I know I am in the best of hands with you all."Thanksgiving Email to SJB, MBW, LAT

"Tippy is professional, concise, and effective as a lawyer. I hired her almost 5 years ago and always guides me in my rights and options. She does not waste time and has made a difficult time easier with her advice. I highly recommend her."MBW AVVO 3/5/18

"During my painful divorce, Ms. Warren provided exceedingly timely responses to my questions. In addition, she provided a thorough explanation of the complicated court-system process and secured the best resolution to my settlement. "MBW Avvo 9/26/16

"Marietta, or Tippy as she is known, is an outstanding and highly competent family law attorney. I cannot say enough how pleased I am with her representation throughout the years and cannot recommend her enough! She is devoted to providing her clients with the best possible resolution, and will explain what to expect every step of the way. She was always available when needed, responded quickly, and was always on top of what was happening with my case. She has helped me with many different aspects of family law; from an adoption, to divorce, to child custody. "MBW Avvo 9/12/17

“I want to thank you and Lauren for all you have done for me over that past years. I cannot imagine how things would be without your firm.”LAT What’s Up 2018

"I know that without his extreme attention to detail, knowledge, preparation and confidence, the outcome would have been much different. Sir I thank you for your time and assistance through this difficult part of my life. "CAC AVVO 10/23/18

"His knowledge of the system and the courts in general is evident. He stays in contact with you and keeps you abreast of what is happening. He takes time to answers your questions and gives you straight forward answers."CAC Avvo 8/29/18

"With his genuine down-to-earth demeanor he put me at ease instantly. With his in-depth knowledge of the law, ability to articulate and accessibility, I never felt alone throughout this whole process. Crighton's response time was amazing , far exceeding my expectations!!! He got the results I was looking for. I would want Crighton A. Chase in my corner every time."CAC Avvo 6/11/18

"His diligence in this matter allowed him to discover a mistake made by my original attorney. Crighton researched the law and developed a strategy which he was very successful with in court. His courtroom manner was excellent."CAC Avvo 4/19/18

"I needed an attorney to assist me with a complicated criminal and divorce matter involving domestic violence. Mr. Chase's background as a State's Attorney proved to be invaluable in his ability to assess the situation and advise accordingly. His sensibility and compassion was evident from our first meeting. A direct, honest and personable nature made working through the minutiae less of a grind. He was accommodating and accessible throughout the duration of the case. I'd recommend him to anyone in need of representation in Annapolis and the surrounding areas."CAC Avvo 4/5/18

"Sam and his firm are extremely professional, competent and responsive. With this being the most difficult time in my life, Sam provided a great deal of compassion balanced by reason..... His staff was and continues to be wonderful as is his team of lawyers who also participated in and continue to participate my case. The communication is second to none. I always receive quick responses to all emails and voicemails and receive copies of all necessary documents."SJB Avvo 2/26/14

"Michael P. Darrow is one of the best lawyers and human beings I have ever known. He walked us through a difficult situation and achieved the best possible outcome under extremely difficult circumstances in our case. His sharp mind and extensive knowledge of the law is only exceeded by his unwavering determination and commitment to his client's best interests."MPD Avvo 5/10/13

"He is efficient with his time, and always get results. He has even advised me to let things go and move on if it will cost more than it's worth. I highly recommend Mike and his firm."MPD Avvo 7/28/16

"He was detailed, fierce, intense and honest with us from the beginning. When we finally were able to meet with him in person, he was courteous, respectful and really good at breaking things down into Layman's Terms for us. I sat in the courtroom watching him fight for us and was speechless. I can't say enough amazing things about this man and his ability to fight for the "little guy". Thank you so much Mr. Darrow for helping us win an EXTREMELY challenging case. "MPD Avvo 1/07/17

" I am a retired trial attorney and spent 23 years litigating and have rarely come across another attorney with legal the acumen of Sam combined with an engaging personality and common sense approach to every difficult issue we faced. "SJB Avvo 12/21/17

"Sam is an extremely impressive attorney. The guy has a photographic memory and is very intelligent and well versed in his industry! I would highly recommend to any friends or family members."SJB Avvo 3/27/18

"Sam is a phenomenal attorney and adviser. He grabbed my case by the horns and took charge of a complex high conflict divorce. His professionalism, patience, personal attention and experience make all the difference. He is a bulldog and will prevail. His reputation is superb and he deserves it. I'm in the middle of an awful divorce with a criminal attorney and the only counsel I have confidence in us Sam. Tippy is on the ball and the office staff knows you by name. If it wasn’t for Sam and Tippy, I don’t know how I would keep going."SJB Avvo 7/12/18

"The past few months have been the hardest of my life in so many ways.  I know that it was no mistake that I ended up with Tippy as my lawyer.....She was the best lawyer that I could possibly have imagined, working to ensure the outcome I wanted."MBW TY Email November 2018

"I believe he is one of the best attorneys in Annapolis he has helped me and my family with real-estate matters, medical issues partnerships etc. I have known him over thirty years and consider him the best possible choice for someone in need."MPD Avvo Quote 1/21/09

"I started doing collections for my company and we were in a rut. I found Mr. Darrow and left a message at his office. He immediately called me back even though he was out of town; thoroughly explained his process, and how he could help our company. It has been about 5 months and we are extremely happy with everything he has done for us. I look forward to continuing our work with him in the future as well."MPD Collections Avvo 7/25/16 Quote

“You made this happen and we will never forget what you did for us!”SJB Beckett Quote Email

"Crighton far exceeded any and all expectations I had of an attorney. I not only gained an exceptional attorney but a friend. His dedication and service to his clients ensures you that you are not just another case or file."CAC Avvo 10/26/18

"Dan is very thorough and methodical. He makes sure all of your bases are covered. He is also very personable and active in the community. He is definitely someone you would want to consult when making business decisions."DJM Avvo 1/14/09

"During the appeal trial a side of Evelyn came out, that not only surprised me, but revealed a tiger underneath her professional demeanor. I could not have been better represented by any other and she fought for my rights with everything she had. "MES Avvo

"I hired Mr. Darrow on a reference from a friend to rep me in a business matter (construction and contracts), which he did a wonderful job!! He believes in keeping attorney costs down and was wonderful to work with. I then hired him to rep me in a personal matter from an out of state case which he still continues to rep me with this issue and honestly I must say he and his firm are wonderful to work with. I am extremely pleased with their services!!! I will continue to use his services on all business matters and personal matters!!!"MPD Avvo 7/31/16

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah Brown on several occasions and have been very impressed with her professionalism, expertise, and responsiveness.  Her energy combined with her knowledge makes her a powerhouse attorney."Omid SEB May 2018

"I made the decision to hire you after interviewing 5 other competent lawyers and I think it was arguably a damn good one!"Homick Quote SJB Approved 062218

"While searching for a reputable divorce attorney for my impending divorce, I found the law firm of Hillman, Brown & Darrow, located in Annapolis, Maryland.  No matter how many times I searched, and who I spoke with, this law firm always showed up in search of “Top Attorneys.” Upon meeting with this firm and those that would represent me, I knew I had made the right decision."Becker Quote Part II

"I was amazed as to the thoroughness and effectiveness that Jonathan P. Pasterick, displayed with his wherewithal that was needed to get my funds. Needless to say, I am pleased as to the meticulousness this law firm exemplifies."JEP Marlene Becker for WU Leading Lawyers 2018

“Your approach and ultimate solution to my daughter's problem was brilliant and incredibly well managed and a credit to your profession.”Christmas TY SJB

"You were a very big part of me being who I am today. My world is a great place these days and I couldn't be happier."SJB FB from Dennis Tayman 7/16

"I so very appreciate your speed, accuracy, diligence, analytical ability, agility of thought, and clarity of communication. You have always explained the situation to me exactly as it is, and I am glad for this. "MBW Client Review April 2016

"I needed legal services and she provided that and so much more. She went up and beyond my expectations! She really listened and was patient with me; very easy to work with."MBW Avvo Review July 2015

"Sam Brown is the most knowledgeable and professional attorney I know. He is honest, trustworthy and treated me with the utmost dignity and respect. With this being the most difficult time of my life, Sam was more than just an attorney, he was my ally and support system. He guided me through every step of the process. I was going through a very difficult divorce after 21 years of marriage and Sam dedicated both his personal and professional time to my case. Sam was always just a phone call away, whether it was to talk me through a difficult decision or just to listen. Even at my lowest when I felt that there was no hope, Sam provided the counsel, guidance, support and the confidence I needed to help me get through all (and there were many) of the rough patches. Understanding my situation with my ex and the lack of any monetary support, Sam tried to save me money whenever he could by delegating work to appropriate associates and trying to avoid costs that were unnecessary. I can't thank Sam and his practice enough for everything from divorce proceedings, emotional support, mental support and the empathy and compassion that is rare in this day."SJB Avvo Review January 2016

"Without a doubt this past year has been the most difficult in my life, and I'm not sure what event will put this in the past or when that will happen, but I want to thank you both for representing me over the past year. Marietta, you have been so detailed and helpful with walking me through the process and keeping everyone on their toes. It has been a roller-coaster and to be honest a very frustrating process, but I completely trusted you to navigate me through it, and you did. Sam, your experience and knowledge were indispensable. Thank you so much for getting personally involved in my life and helping me through this!"HBD Satisfied Client Email January 2016 (MBW,SJB)

"I would refer anyone I know to you that's talking about divorce. I wish I would have hired you for mine."HBD Satisfied Client Email January 2016 (SJB)

"This has been one of the hardest journeys I have taken. I heard you were the best and I am thankful I picked you. I am also suggesting you to many friends and co-workers....You have done a terrific job for me. Thank you for getting me through my past."SJB Satisfied Client Letter January 2016 (SJB)