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Ask An Attorney: Car Accident Concerns

I have been in a car accident – now what do I do?  What do I say to the insurance company that keeps calling?  What do I drive while my car is getting fixed?  How can I get more money for my car if it is totaled?  Who is going to pay my medical bills and lost wages?  What is PIP?

The lawyers at Hillman, Brown and Darrow, P.A. hear these concerns often and know how to help.

A car accident can be traumatic and the fallout hard to navigate, especially if you have been injured.  Hillman, Brown & Darrow, P.A. has been representing people injured in car accidents for over 35 years. Our Annapolis law firm can help you deal with the insurance companies while you focus on getting well.  We have a strong history of obtaining fair settlements for our clients or if necessary going to court to fight the insurance companies.  If you have a car accident, do not hesitate to call us – you will get personal representation from an experienced lawyer who can help you through this unexpected and often frightening occurrence.