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Ask an Attorney: Wills & Estates

Do I Need a Lawyer to Make a Will?

Whenever prospective clients inquire about making a will, a chief concern of theirs, understandably, is cost.  Legal work can be expensive, even for what a prospective client might think is a “simple” matter, such as a “simple” will (if there is such a thing).  Some ask if they could create a will themselves, or, on occasion, ask about sites like LegalZoom, which provide basic form estate documents for minimal fees.

While it is advisable to use an attorney, whether someone could “get by” with a self-created will or one pulled off a website depends on the particular situation of the client.  In some limited situations, they work fine, and I have no problem telling clients that.  For most married couples, for clients with children (especially minor children), for clients that have unusual or complicated succession plans or significant wealth, self-created or form wills will almost never sufficiently address critical issues that may arise after death.

The estate attorneys at Hillman, Brown and Darrow are always here to discuss your needs and achieve the most cost-effective results for you.