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Ask An Attorney: Charitable Causes

We Annapolis Attorneys all seem to be overwhelmed with caseload, work and dealing with problems for their clients and our own busy lives.  Notwithstanding, since we are all so very lucky to be in this profession, we should, as lawyers, give back.  What is something or someone in the community that needs your help? Pick a reason or purpose to give back.  Perhaps the Boys and Girls Club of Anne Arundel County and Annapolis.  Imagine mentoring some kids who could benefit by your brilliance.  Perhaps volunteer for the arts by giving your time to the Annapolis Film Festival or some other similar group.

The bottom line is that it takes all of our involvement to help make the community work better, play better and run better.  As Hillman, Brown & Darrow celebrates 40 years in the community, we are proud to have been involved and to have been able to give back and we encourage you to, as well. Dive into a charitable cause that will be fulfilling to you and make us all better.