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Ask an Attorney: Legal Update

Good things come to those who wait…but just in case you get in trouble again, the State has expanded your ability to expunge your record!

As of October, 2018, certain qualifying misdemeanor and felony convictions may be expunged from your record, including offenses such as felony theft, burglary, possession of illegal drugs and possession with intent to distribute illegal drugs, just to name a few.  This is a major change in the law and drastically increases the type of cases that can be expunged.  Convictions must be disclosed on work applications but for many volunteer applications, there may be no duty to disclose expunged convictions.

Help protect your future by clearing your name!  To find out if you have a qualifying conviction or other expungable prior arrest or offense, contact our Annapolis attorneys at Hillman Brown & Darrow today so we can help you move forward.