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Expunging Your Record Part II

Most people don’t realize that you can have a criminal or traffic record expunged, which means it is wiped from the records.  This is extremely important for job applications, future legal issues including other tickets, or criminal charges, or even divorce actions. In a prior blog we elaborated on expunging certain criminal records.  We now would like to acquaint you with the expungement process through the MVA.

If you have received a moving violation, and if you are willing to be patient, the MVA will take the points off of your record automatically after 3 years.  But the conviction will still show. Under certain conditions, and if you have not been convicted of other moving violations or your license has not been suspended, on application by you, after specified time periods, the MVA can wipe your record clean.

There are certain criteria that must be met to expunge your record. Those criteria are set out in the Maryland Transportation Article and allow you to do it yourself.  But if you need some help or don’t understand the process a knowledgeable attorney at Hillman, Brown & Darrow can assist you in discerning your rights and completing the paper work for a reasonable fee. Call our Annapolis law firm at (410) 263-3131 today for more information.