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Ask an Attorney: Mediator or Attorney?

Should I hire a mediator or an attorney for my divorce?

No one should ever go through any family law issue without having met with an attorney to understand their rights. A mediator’s purpose is to settle a case. Mediators assist in many divorce cases. However, a mediator’s assistance can only be as good as the information you have. Before you walk into a mediator’s office, you should have an understanding of what your rights are, know what the assets are between the two of you, and understand the process. In addition, those who have experienced domestic violence should be reluctant to get involved in mediation, since some of the same issues develop in the mediation sessions that had been present during the marriage regarding control, bullying, and intransigence in though processes.

Always know your rights before you do anything. Talking to an attorney will allow you to understand the complete divorce process rather than just understanding what you will be receiving.