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Ask An Attorney: Alimony or Spousal Support

Am I entitled to alimony or spousal support and for how long?

 You may be. There is no set formula for alimony.  Before determining whether a spouse is entitled to alimony or spousal support, the Court will consider multiple factors, such as how long you and your spouse have been married, the age of each party, what caused the break-up of your marriage and the financial needs and resources of each party.  Spousal support may be awarded for a temporary, fixed number of years, or may be awarded “indefinitely.”  Temporary or “rehabilitative” alimony gives a spouse time to get back into the job market, complete educational programs and become self-supporting.  Under very narrow circumstances, the Court does have the right to award “indefinite” alimony.

If you have questions regarding your ability to receive alimony or spousal support, please contact one of our experienced Family Law attorneys at Hillman, Brown & Darrow today for further information.