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Slip and Fall Injuries: You May Need Legal Help

The recent snow, ice and frigid weather require that we exercise extra caution when walking outside and that we ensure that our property is safe for people who are expected to walk on it. A sudden slip and fall can cause devastating injuries to pedestrians and can potentially be costly to property owners.

Slip and falls are not easy cases for plaintiffs in Maryland- there are any number of laws that get in the way, such as your reason for being on the property, whether the property owner was aware of the danger, contributory negligence and assumption of risk. For example, Maryland is one of the four states that still holds that if the injured person is the slightest bit negligent, any recovery against a negligent defendant is barred completely. There have been efforts to change this law for years, both in the courts and in the legislature. Maryland’s highest Court recently ruled that it has to be changed in the legislature, which does not appear will happen any time soon.

Nevertheless, despite the hurdles, each case is different and depends on the facts of the case. Our Annapolis law firm has had success recovering settlements for personal injured in slip and fall cases even with all of the legal roadblocks. One of our personal injury lawyers would be happy to talk with you if you have had the misfortune of getting injured on someone else’s property. Our best legal advice through is to be careful! And if you are a property owner, do your best to keep your premises safe and block off or warn if there are any hazardous areas to avoid an accident.