Ask an Attorney: Child Support


My ex is making tons of money and our teenagers have part time jobs. Can I get child support modified?

You may have the right to modify if there has been a material change in financial circumstances since the last child support order. If there have been significant changes in either party’s incomes or changes in the children’s lives you can ask the court to recalculate child support under the newest guidelines. Calculating your ex’s income is not always simple. Don’t just look at tax returns, but benefits he or she might receive and how much he or she is spending. The Court will consider income paid under the table, for example, if you can prove it. Also, if you and your ex together earn more than $15,000 a month, the rules change. Get legal help from a Maryland divorce lawyer as soon as you believe a material change has occurred. Our Annapolis attorneys can assist you with the legal guidance you need to get started today.

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